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Now more than ever, your support matters. But we commit to making this a two-way street. GWADS delivers the audience of news media professionals who want to hear from you.

This vibrant annual event represents newsmedia decision-makers from around the country. Fully engaged participants attend because of the powerful speaker line-up, the networking time with peers, and the opportunity to meet and get ideas from trusted business partners.

"...a Do Not Miss event.  By far, the most substantive, informative and collegial gathering of any group across the country."
     -- Rick Hively, Wilson Gregory

"WOW!!   Each year the program is outstanding and the networking opportunities are fantastic."
     -- Jim Smith, Steel City

"The program and the opportunities to connect with clients and colleagues are unmatched. It is a must attend."
     -- Pat Dennis, The Pisa Group

"The Great Western Audience Development Summit is the leading Audience conference in the entire United States. It's stronger than any conference I've been to."
     -- Evan Mecak, Inka Solutions

"GWADS all added up to a strong and professional space to reinforce our own company's value to the industry."
-- Lon Haenel, Newspaper Subscription Services

GWADS 2022 Sponsorship Opportunities

*Note: Sponsorship fees are non-refundable.

For 2022, GWADS will provide heightened value to news media professionals via the Great Western Audience Development Summit at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. For our business partners, our live vendor expo, brings exciting opportunities to connect face-to-face with customers and prospects like never before.

These unique sponsorship opportunities will be unveiled in November 2021 — just in time for Early Bird exclusives.


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Your membership goes to support this nonprofit organization committed to continuing education and sharing of ideas. Members get preferred rates at events, the opportunity to network, learn revenue-generating strategies, and stay in the forefront of ongoing digital engagement. The Executive Board of Directors and Board Members look forward to your participation and support in advancing our audience development program.

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