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Now more than ever, your support matters. But we commit to making this a two-way street. In this time of social distancing and remote learning experiences, GWAA continues to deliver the content that attracts the audience of news media professionals who want to hear from you. Fully engaged participants attend our virtual events because of the powerful speaker line-ups, the networking time with peers, and the ongoing opportunity to meet and get ideas from trusted business partners.


$750 each

A firehose of strategic insights and tactical expertise from industry leaders in a convenient webinar format. Sponsors are included in all marketing material, and provide an introduction and brief overview of services.


Your membership goes to support GWAA, a nonprofit organization committed to continuing education and sharing of ideas. Members get preferred rates at all GWAA sponsored events, the opportunity to network, learn revenue-generating strategies, and stay in the forefront of ongoing digital engagement. The GWAA Executive Board of Directors and Board Members look forward to your participation and support in advancing our audience development program.

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