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Need a roadmap? Here’s what GWADS 2019 speakers talked about:  Framing the challenges. Print stabilization and growth. Customer experience. Digital engagement, acquisition and retention. Revenue. Legal matters. Technology.

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2019 Must See Sessions

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Great Western Audience Development Summit

Opening Address

Troy Niday, President, CWMCA
Jim Wall, President, NICE

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Opening Address

Earl Wilkinson

Global media expert Earl J. Wilkinson, the executive director and CEO of the International News Media Association (INMA), kicks off the GWADS. Earl's keen understanding of leading media companies inform his talk on the state of the industry, as he shares best practices to engage audience and grow revenue.

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Table Stakes and Performance Management

Cheryl Carpenter
Leadership Faculty
Poynter Institute

Getting on the same page is not as easy as it sounds. Learn about the programs adopted by media companies around the country to develop enterprise-wide buy in on growing audience.

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Digital Subscriptions Engagement Benchmarks

Matt Skibinski
Reader Revenue Specialist
Lenfest Institute

How does your digital performance stack up? Thought leader Matt Skibinski shares insights and benchmark data on revenue and engagement from over 500 companies.

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Digital Acquisition and Retention

Curtis Huber
Senior Director, Circulation and Audience Revenue
The Seattle Times

Curtis will share the methods used by the Seattle Times to build the digital runway that yielded growth of 42,000 digital subscribers in less than 3 years. Take away ideas to refine your own digital model with this compelling and detailed presentation.

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Rapid Fire Vendor Introductions

40 vendors, 30 seconds

Northwest Passages: Reader Engagement

Rob Curley
Spokesman Review

Spokesman-Review editor Rob Curley is considered one of the newspaper industry’s biggest innovators, driven his love of community journalism.  Editor & Publisher magazine named The Spokesman-Review as one of the “10 Newspapers That Do It Right,” focusing on the newspaper’s ground-breaking community events series. Hear about Northwest Passages, the story you’ll be inspired to replicate at your own newspaper.

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Accelerate Your Subscription
and Revenue Growth

Gwen Vargo
Director of Reader Revenue
American Press Institute

Learn how to accelerate subscription and user revenue growth from these case studies. Gwen Vargo works with media to develop new models for user revenue, drawing on lessons she has learned over more than 20 years in audience development and marketing.

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One Best Practice

Consumer Privacy and Data Protection

Amy Lawrence
Frankfurt Kurnit

The laws determining how we use and store consumers' personal information are changing. Get a head start on how to prepare.

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Monetizing Your Quality Audience and
the Hidden Cost of Digital Ad Fraud

Kevin Rehberg
Vice President of Client Development

Kevin will walk through how wasted local and national advertising dollars has become such a huge problem, who is impacted most and what can be done about it. We will also discuss how recent digital ad fraud schemes have caused some buyers to rethink their digital budgets.

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Great Western Audience Development Summit

Growing Revenue and Audience While Building Teams of Next Generation Leaders

Moderator: Dan Schaub
Corporate Director of Audience Development

Jerry Hill

Vice President, Consumer Sales and Marketing

Rosheen O'Donovan
Vice President, Audience
American City Business Journals

Mick Cohen
Sr Vice President of Consumer Revenue

Blue Ribbon panel of senior media executives from some of the most respected media companies in the country — McClatchy, Hearst, Gannett and ACBJ - share their perspectives of the trends shaping our future and preparing our next generation leaders.

Customer Experience: The Role of
Voice of the Customer in
Subscriber Engagement and Retention

Amy Shioji
Vice President of Customer Experience and Insights

We all know that happier customers stay longer, right?  But how do you know what to focus on and how to measure the impact of your efforts?  In this session, learn how to leverage customer feedback and data to prioritize experience improvements across the business to improve satisfaction and subscriber retention.

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The Importance of a
Consumer-Centric Strategy

Mike Houser
Vice President Circulation
The Houston Chronicle

Mike Houser, formerly regional director at the Baltimore Sun and now with the Houston Chronicle, uses his expertise in operational efficiency to launch an enterprise-wide focus on the customer. Mike will demonstrate the use of data analysis and process improvement to drive better decisions that improve customer retention and satisfaction.

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One Best Practice

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Emerging Digital Revenue Opportunities

Jed Williams
Chief Innovation Officer
Local Media Association

Jed Williams leads industry-wide digital revenue and business transformation initiatives for newspapers, radio and TV broadcasters, digital publishers, and more at LMA. Find compelling takeaways in the areas of membership, loyalty and live events as Jed details direct to consumer strategies that work.

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Digital Subscription Pricing and Retention

Jim Gorman
Vice President
Philadelphia Media Network

Hear about the latest successful efforts to integrate pricing with digital retention practices at the Philadelphia Daily News.

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Harnessing Consumer Technology to
Close Paywall Leaks and
Target Customers More Accurately

David Adkins
Vice President Technology
Buffalo News

David Adkins, VP of Technology at the Buffalo News and Chief Operating Officer at [BN] Tech, pioneered innovative design to solve the nagging problem of leaky paywalls. Learn from his approach how he created a digital paywall based on IP addresses, designed to prevent leakage and yield a more accurate counting of digital acquisition.

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The Best of the Best Awards

Presentation of Winning Ideas - Jim Wall
Sponsored by Jim Smith, Steel City

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Organizational Business:
Planning the Future of our Sectionals

Troy Niday & Jim Wall

Friday, June 21, 2019

Distribution &
Operations Seminar

Alternative Revenue

Maximizing Your Carrier Recruitment

Legal Update

Single Copy Focus Group Recap

Round Table Discussions


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