GWADS Best of Best Awards

Big Board Jeopardy

...showcased the 2019 winners, including First Place winners Seattle Times, Sacramento Bee, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Las Vegas Review Journal, Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

2022 Best of the Best Awards

Hot ideas make us all better. It's time for the 2022 Best of the Best Awards.

One creative idea can change the outcome. Share what you tried and how it worked out. How did you generate revenue? Grow print or digital subscribers? Drive engagement? Improve retention? What operational changes worked? Together, we are all stronger.

Share what you tested or accomplished in:

• Audience Revenue Initiatives
• Sales / Acquisition - print or digital
• Subscriber Retention - print or digital
• Reader Engagement
• Operation Initiatives / Improvements - either in Carrier Recruitment, Customer Service, Distribution, Complaints Per Thousand

For each entry include the initiative’s objective, strategy and an explanation of the measurable results. Participants are asked to include relevant PDF files, images or videos with each entry. All media professionals with print and/or digital products are encouraged to enter. Initiative must have been launched in calendar year 2021 (but did not need to be completed by December 31, 2021). Multiple entries are encouraged.

Participants compete for 1st to 3rd Place in each category.

Winners will be announced at the 2022 Conference, June 22-24, 2022 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Entries are shared during a Special Awards Presentation on Thursday, June 23rd and will be presented here below.

Deadline for entries: June 10, 2022

Revenue Generator

Effectively monetizing your readers is becoming more important in our industry. What have you done to increase increase revenue?

Print or Digital Acquisition

Acquiring new subscribers is more important than ever. What is your most successful effort to acquire new subscribers/readers?

Print or Digital Retention

Interacting with subscribers and sustaining readership continues to be challenging. What success have you had in engaging and retaining your subscribers?

Reader Engagement

Interacting with readers through traditional media and your website, social media and newsletters is important to build a connection and retain readership. What was your most successful campaign/effort to engage your news readers?

Operational Initiatives / Improvements

What programs did you implement to support your operations, either Carrier Recruitment or improvements in CPT, or Customer Service?


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